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1 Preservation 10/4/2019 In 1952, the EHR visits the island of sodor.
2 Fog 10/6/2019 In 1952, the island of sodor is hit with a massive fog.
3 Flood 10/7/2019 In 1952, the island of sodor is hit with 10 straight days of rain.
4 Goodbye... 10/9/2019 In 1952, Colin and Lily have a fight with Stafford.
5 Record 10/10/2019 In 1952, a large tank engine is sent to work on Edward's Branch Line.
6 Accidents 10/13/2019 In 1952, several accidents occur on Sodor.
7 Revenge 10/18/2019 In 1952, a familiar ghost returns to Sodor and is not alone.
8 Scrap 10/19/2019 In 1952, two non-faceless vehicles are faced with the possibility of scrap.
9 Video 10/22/2019 This old training video for new NWR engines from the 1950s will teach you how to be a really useful engine!
10 Modernization 11/4/2019 In 1952, Edward prevents an accident.
11 Duck 12/18/2019 In 1955, Percy feels overworked so Sir Topham Hatt gets a new shunter.
12 Replacments Part 1: 12/20/2019

Part 2: 1/3/2020

In 1956, Eight famous engines leave Sodor for a month and engines take their place.
13 Diesel 1/11/2020 In 1957, A visiting Diesel arrives and causes trouble for Duck and Percy.
14 Mistrust 1/17/2020 In 1957, a very lazy diesel arrives and takes advantage of Thomas.
15 Mystery Part 1: 1/24/2020

Part 2:


In 1958, an engine is in a fatal accident and the police have to find out who caused it.
16 Twins TBA TBA
17 Deputation TBA TBA
18 Museum TBA TBA
19 Daisy TBA TBA
20 Mavis TBA TBA
21 Beeching TBA TBA
22 Mountain TBA TBA
23 Diseasel TBA TBA
24 Arlesdale TBA TBA
25 Escape TBA TBA
26 Future TBA TBA

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Title Composers Upload Date Episode
Accidents Will Happen Mike O'Donnell

Junior Campbell

10/11/2019 Accidents
Rules and Regulations Mike O'Donnell

Junior Campbell

10/12/2019 Accidents

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  • This is the only season where episodes were suggested by other users.
  • This is the last season to feature the evil ghosts.
  • This season includes the most episodes made in a month: 9!
    • This season also includes the longest mid-season hiatus with a 1 month and 14 day gap between episodes.
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