Harold is a helicopter who patrols the island of Sodor.He lives in Dryaw Airfield by Thomas's Branch Line.He is operated by two pilots.When Harold first met Percy,he stated that "railways are slow and out of date",but proven wrong when Percy beat him in a race.When Thomas's brakes failed while waiting at a station, with an inspector Harold chased him down the line. For Christmas that year he brought father Christmas to the party at Tidmouth Station.He also dropped hot drinks for Percy's crew when they were stranded in a floated river. He became friends with Duck after rescuing an injured sailor.


•He makes a cameo in the north-western-adventures' spin-off "The Narrow gauge adventures"However,he seen to be fallen to his side during the shots, it is unknown why.

•His only appearance was during the north-western-adventures' Nameboards,he may appear in future episodes.

•Before his Roblox model was added to the cool beans railway 2,Trainboy9705 uses his naught railway style(the naughty Narrow gauge railway). However,he was add to the cool beans railway 2 on the 29 of April,2019.It is unknown will Trainboy9705 redo the the north-western-adventures' Nameboards.(This also explains to a few other characters as well).

•He and Trevor will appear in season 2.

•Even though he was planned for season 2,his sprite appears in War saying "Why am I'm here."

Personality Edit

When Harold was first introduced,he was shown to be very proud of being able to fly, and the speed and versatility this gives him.He somewhat tended to be cocky,as he believes that "railways are slow and out of date". This caused a bit of rivalry between him and the engines, particularly Percy,and he is usually nicknamed "whirlybird", or "birdbrain", but he usually gets his comeuppance in the end.Despite this,he still works hard and deep down,he knows that the Fat controller's railway, including Percy,are just as useful as he is.

Technical Details Edit

Harold is based on a Sikorsky S-55 helicopter (also known as a Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw), built in the UK as the Westland Whirlwind.He has added floats. Around 70 of these still survive in some form.


Harold is painted white with a red lining. His name is painted on his sides,near his tail, in red.

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