Biography Edit

Eagle is a L&YR Class 28 Engine, the same class as James The Red Engine. He was built in between the years 1912-1913, Arriving on the North Western Railway in 1922. Eagle at first helps Edward with the express when Tidmouth sheds was built he stayed at Vicarstown Sheds for a while Sadly, one night Eagle was on the night Train and got into an accident while waiting for Henry to pass. Eagle was carrying explosives, but they were set off because of the points leading to Eagle's track were switched from the clear line. The explosion killed eagle Eagle soon returned to the railway but he couldn't remember any thing After a few months past Eagle had been seeing sightings of engines that look like him but not alive Timothy soon told him the truth he was not the real Eagle There were 4 other engines that look like and he was one of them Timothy tried to kill him and James but Timothy was killed by Alfred When the books started getting written Eagle was only in 2 books and did not talk in them When some engines started to get sold to the EHR he tried to sneak of to the EHR but was captured by Alfred and was mind controlled by him Eagle soon got his dream to work on the EHR.

Trival Edit

•Rather than having red wheels,he has black because he uses the first cool beans railway James.

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