Diesel is the 13th episode of season 2.


When Stanley is in need of repairs, Sir Topham Hatt's son bought a diesel engine, Diesel, and gave him a trial. The trial didn't go so well when Diesel told lies about Duck and Percy. As a result, he was sent to Railgate prison.



  • At 14 minutes long exactly, it is the longest episode that's not a TNWA Special.
  • The first video done with the help of thomasmlpsonic9 and the second done with the help of batman2224441111 who makes brief appearances at the end.
  • The footage of Edward and Murdoch talking was stock footage from Modernization.

Goofs Edit

  • When the trucks sing "Pop Goes The Diesel," one screen shows Clarabel, but Clarabel is a coach, not a truck.
  • When Edward was hurrying with the express moments after departing, the last coach suddenly derails.
  • Annie & Clarabel are being considered as trucks, but they are actually coaches.
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